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Red Kap shirts - America's #1 best selling work shirts. Worn and endorsed by professionals across the country. Red Kap's Industrial Poplin short sleeve (SP24) and long sleeve (SP14) work shirts continue to be the preferred work shirt by individual's across multiple occupations. However, Red Kap sets the bar higher with each passing year, releasing new shirt styles with innovative technology and premium fabrics. As of 2019, Red Kap released the Mimix and Oilblok shirts, being the first in the market to create a work shirt with these patent pending designs. Red Kap work shirts are available in a wide selection of fabrics, colors, patterns, and sizes - with women's companion work shirt options - making Red Kap shirts the ideal choice to build your next uniform. Red Kap shirts are also offered in a variety of enhanced and high visibility shirt options. Applying stylish designs with color blocking and tape placements, Red Kap has flipped the script with their take on modern high visibility work shirts. Red Kap has a full line of automotive inspired work shirts, that feature a classic automotive technician styling. In addition to Red Kap's industrial work shirts, they also offer specialized work shirts that come pocketless and have hidden snap front closures - made specially for the food processing industry. Shop and save on our collection of Red Kap work shirts!

Want to build your uniform with Red Kap clothes? We have Red Kap featured under our new "Build a Uniform Workshop" category, where some of their best sellers are separated and paired by fabric under the "Industrial Workwear" category. Within that category, we have the shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, and coveralls that can be built into your own custom uniform. Click here to start building: BUILD A UNIFORM WORKSHOP

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