King Louie America

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King Louie America - Union and USA made clothing. Premium USA made polos, classic cut jackets, and five star fleeces, soft shells, and sweatshirts.

King Louie polos feature a plethora of performance and traditional styled polos, that provide you with a USA made alternative when shopping for your personal closet and work crew. They also offer a diverse selection of USA made jackets - ranging from lightweight microfibre options that are perfect for a summer night out, all the way to their heavyweight duck canvas jackets to cut through the cold. King Louie has also introduced outerwear options for early spring and late fall - their line of fleeces and soft shell jackets bring style and function to American clothing manufacturing. That, along with heavy knit and performance sweatshirts - King Louie will keep you covered throughout the seasons in style, all while being proud to be sporting Union and American made clothing.

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