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Earl's Apparel - the umbrella corporation for Gung Ho Apparel and Stan Ray USA. Premium USA made pants, hand-stitched and heavy duty. Earl's Apparel is a small, family ran manufacturing company based out of Crockett, Texas. Both Gung Ho and Stan Ray pants are made in the United States - with each pair being hand cut and sewn to order. This attention to detail and loyalty to their roots have propelled both the Gung Ho and Stan Ray product line into the hands of both hardworkers, and individual's who want to wear fashionable work clothes made in the USA. The Stan Ray pant line in particular has made waves amongst the fashion industry. Turning work clothes into a trendy and fashionable option outside of work. Fashion aside, Stan Ray pants still remains at its core the preffered workwear choice for those in the trades. The Stan Ray pant line includes heavy duty single front and double knee painter's pants, in addition to their Stan Ray painter's shorts in various lengths, including a 6 inch, 7 1/2 inch, and 10 inch length. As well as a sturdy double knee construction pant and a carpenter pant that has become poplular in its hickory stripe color option. Stan Ray also offers a soft hand Military Style Chino pant and a 4 Pocket Fatigue pant that combines comfort with a classic design. Gung Ho's pants are more remiscent of an expedition or military pant styling - they focus on utility and heavyweight fabrics, yet are still stylish and be worn daily.

American made pants have become hard to come by. We at All Seasons are glad we are able to offer a large line of options with Gung Ho and Stan Ray pants, no matter their purpose or function. Get your hands on a USA made Stan Ray or Gung Ho pant today!

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