Edwards Casual & Corporate Clothing

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Edwards Garment - the #1 source for uniforms and career apparel. Edwards' clothes go unmatched in the amount of styles, colors, and size options.

Business casual & corporate clothes - build your closet up with polos and khakis - or provide your staff with a consistent, polished look.

  • Matching suit coats, vests, pants, and skirts - add a shirt
  • Extensive line of men's & women's cardigans and sweaters
  • Outerwear line - fleeces, softshells, jackets, & vests - classic, clean cut styling that can be worn at the office or even out-and-about

Edward's full line of clothing for the service and hospitality industry:

  • Front of house & hospitality business casual clothes
  • Maid and housekeeping clothing for hotels
  • Chef clothes for your cooks in the kitchen along with restuarant staff
  • Stock lettering = $3.50*

    Your logo = competitively priced, request a quote below:

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