ExtremeGard Freezer Wear

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ExtremeGard - made in USA freezer-wear rated clothing to keep you comfortable when it's cold. Specifically designed for those working in the grocery and food packing industry. ExtremeGard features two lines - their WarmUp line which is rated for 0 degrees. And their self branded ExtremeGard line, which stands up to -50 degrees. ExtremeGard's clothing features freezer-wear jackets in various lengths, as well as freezer-wear bib overalls and coveralls to keep you covered from head to toe. In addition to their core freezer-wear clothing line, they offer options that have reflective material and fluorescent colors to keep you in-sight and out of harms way. ExtremeGard provides total protection against frigid temperatures so you can perform your tasks without taking a risk.

We also have customers buying ExtremeGard's freezer-wear clothing to shovel their driveways and survive the harsh winters we have been having. ExtremeGard's freezer-wear clothing is a fantastic option for those who want a jacket, bib overall, or coverall that is made in the United States, is lightweight, and also water-resistant.

Want to brand your employees with custom decorated ExtremeGard clothing? Pick out the freezerwear clothing offered in the catalog and select the method of decartion below to request a quote online today!

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