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Fashion Seal scrubs and lab coats - preferred and worn by practicing nurses and doctors. Fashion Seal's scrub uniform line is available in a variety of stylish fits, fabrics, sizes, and colors. Whether you are a single individual needing to stock up on a full week of scrub tops and bottoms - or are a large medical practice needing to separate your staff and department by color - Fashion Seal has the selection and inventory to fulfull your needs. Fashion Seal's scrub line is broken down by fabric: Simply Soft, Fashion Poplin, Fashion Blend, and 100% Cotton scrubs. With each scrub uniform providing their own benefits for various applications. Fashion Seal's lab coats feature premium fabrics, also made available in a variety of fabric blends, fits, and closures - allowing you to personalize the look and feel of your appearance.

Want to shop easier? We have recently created "Build a Uniform Workshop". Where Fashion Seal's scrub companion tops and bottoms are conveniently paired on a single page. On those pages, we have also included the benefits and application of each different type of fabric. Click here to start building: BUILD A UNIFORM WORKSHOP

Need your name, credentials, and department embroidered on your scrub tops or lab coats? We waived our 6 piece minimum for stock lettering for nurses and doctors! So whether you need a single lab coat or need to outfit your entire practice, we are able to accomodate. Also brand your scrubs and lab coats with your company logo. Settle on a set of medical uniforms and choose your method of decoration below to request a quote online today!

Looking to order in bulk? Volume discounts available for healthcare providers!
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