Red Kap Housekeeping Uniforms

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Red Kap Housekeeping clothes - get a consistent, uniform look for your housekeeping staff made by the #1 industrial uniform supplier in the United States.

Red Kap's housekeeping uniforms feature five collections of housekeeping clothes that can be paired together.

First featured is their classic and timeless pincord housekeeping attire - with a pincord dress, double breasted tunic, single breasted tunic, and the pincord pants to match. They have also added a men's pincord service shirt option.

Running right after that, we have Red Kap's Easy Wear fabric line, which has a soft poplin blend for everyday comfort. This fabric comes in a women's tunic and pant to match, along with a men's shirt jacket option.

Then we have Red Kap's microfibre housekeeping clothes - which are extremely lightweight, yet durable. It is moisture wicking, and stain and fade resistant. This housekeeping uniform takes a modern twist on the classic housekeeping look.

Red Kap also has a line of performance poplin women's smocks with the pants to match - as well as full length housekeeping dresses. The high polyester content prevents stains and fading. While the cotton provides comfort and allows the body to breathe.

Wrapping up Red Kap's housekeeping line with their standard industrial polyester/cotton zip front smocks for both ladies and men that provide a simple and modest clean cut appearance.

Need to create a custom look for your crew? Pickout any of the Red Kap housekeeping clothes within our catalog and select the method of decoration below to request a quote online today!

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