Extra Wide Sock Co Socks - USA Made

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Extra Wide Sock Company - proudly manufacturing made in USA socks that are stretch-to-fit. Their socks are specificly designed with wide feet in mind. Offering dress socks that can be paired with a nice oxford shoe. As well as comfortable athletic, quarter, tube, and crew socks that can be worn daily.

Extra Wide Sock Co. also offers socks that cater to those who are bariatric or have swollen feet, ankles, or legs due to medical conditions such as diabetes or edema. The socks are designed to stretch at the foot, ankle, and leg, all while being able to stay up, without rolling down your leg. They also feature antimicrobial technology, which helps prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria.

Shop our full line of Extra Wide socks and put an end to discomfort with socks that don't fit.

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