Dri-Duck Clothing

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Dri-Duck - clothing constructed to be functional, durable, and comfortable. Dri-Duck's product line was designed with the worker in mind - putting science and range of motion to effect by creating work clothes that have a stiff-free guarantee. Dri-Duck's jackets, shirts, and fleeces have attracted outdoor enthusiasts, as their unparalleled craftmanship and composition of fabric makes it a staple in any outdoor adventure. Dri-Duck's clothing also features unique styling, unseen amongst competitors. A majority of Dri-Duck's shirts highlight vented mesh backs - which provides airflow and allows your body to breathe. Dri-Duck also draws attention to detail in their pocket stitching, design, and placement. Dri-Duck's jackets have features that cannot go unnoticed when comparing it to other brands. Their jackets are offered in an array of different linings and insulation, as well as unique outward design elements that provide comfort by construction, and style by stitch. Dri-Duck soft shells and fleeces prove to be powerful throughout the changing seasons when layering is a must.

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