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Red Kap vs Dickies – Brand Face-Off

Who doesn’t love a good face-off? And if you’ve kept up with our thrilling clothing comparisons over the years then you’ll already know that there’s plenty of great and worthy challengers out there for the crown of “best workwear brand”. Need high-quality clothing for your job but you don’t want to spend hours searching for […] ... Read More

A Nice Day for a Hi-Viz Wedding – A History of High Visibility Clothing

Heinz Ketchup, wedding dresses, and a dash of magic—welcome to the strange and heartwarming tale of how high visibility clothing came to be. Bob Switzer is a quasi-legendary figure in the world of Hi-Viz, but his wife, Patricia, also plays her part, and his brother too was an integral figure. There’s tragic lows and Day-Glo […] ... Read More

A Brief History of Camouflage Clothing

Ever since Aristotle wrote about how the octopus “seeks its prey by so changing its color as to render it like the color of the stones adjacent to it”, humans have seen the potential of camouflage as a method of concealment. In fact, both the Greeks and the Romans are thought to have camouflaged their […] ... Read More

Painter’s Overalls, Pants or Shorts? Why You Should Care

At a glance, it seems like an easy decision. You have a painting gig. You need painter’s gear, starting with a brush — not covered in this blog —  and some kind of leg coverings. You can’t leave the house without pants (or shorts). It’s just a rule. But what sort of leggings should you […] ... Read More

Walls Clothing; Designed for Real People not Mannequins

You don’t have to tell us. Workwear is great. It’s comfortable, rugged, and usually priced right. What nobody ever saw coming, us included, was workwear turning into some kind of fashion statement. Really. Sure, hard-working Americans have always known that workwear does the job better and for less money than its fashion industry counterparts do […] ... Read More

Union Line; 100% American Made Workwear Since 1907

What’s obvious to those of who’ve spent decades in this business — putting quality workwear on hardworking Americans — but may not be so obvious to consumers is… Wait for it… … The manufacturing of products for the workwear industry has largely moved overseas. There. We said it. No taking it back now. Oh, brands […] ... Read More

Why Operators Would Happily Pay More for Edwards Garments

Sure, folks wouldn’t mind paying more for Edwards, but that doesn’t mean they actually do. The workwear brand known simply as Edwards has been around longer than most folks realize. This is part of the Edwards allure, but it’s also about the superior quality they’ve been delivering all these years. The two are inseparable facts […] ... Read More

Bulwark’s Heavy Duty FR Workwear Has You Covered Like No Other Brand

Bulwark FR or simply Bulwark as folks know them most commonly, may span the greatest degree of temperatures when it comes to workwear that gets the job done.  For the Bulwark brand, it’s not only a matter of producing clothes that range from t-shirts to coveralls. They produce clothes that will keep you comfortable against […] ... Read More

8 Must-have Berne Workwear Items for Winter

In case you haven’t noticed, winter isn’t over… Adding insult to injury, many of us are staring down the barrel of a holiday-heavy credit card bill. There isn’t much juice left for splurging on clothes, but when you’re cold you’re cold. You gotta do something about it. Workwear brands know beating back the cold about […] ... Read More

5 Things You Can Do With Old Work Uniforms

  What, oh what do you do with old work uniforms? With the holidays comes the end of the year. It’s a time for family, celebration, and reflection on the year passed. It’s also a good time to clean out your closet to make room for all those gifts you received for Christmas. Cleaning out […] ... Read More

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