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8 Must-have Berne Workwear Items for Winter

In case you haven’t noticed, winter isn’t over… Adding insult to injury, many of us are staring down the barrel of a holiday-heavy credit card bill. There isn’t much juice left for splurging on clothes, but when you’re cold you’re cold. You gotta do something about it. Workwear brands know beating back the cold about […] ... Read More

5 Things You Can Do With Old Work Uniforms

  What, oh what do you do with old work uniforms? With the holidays comes the end of the year. It’s a time for family, celebration, and reflection on the year passed. It’s also a good time to clean out your closet to make room for all those gifts you received for Christmas. Cleaning out […] ... Read More

Ladies; Don’t Get Caught Wearing the Wrong Coveralls this Winter

  Finally, a blog just for the ladies… When it comes to fitting ladies in comfortable coveralls that will take a hard day’s work without complaint, and by hard day’s work I mean the same work that men do (but better, amirite ladies?), the best options are the ones designed to fit a woman. There […] ... Read More

Warm Your Core; The 6 Best Workwear Coats of 2018

Once your core — not your abdominals but the center of your large bones — gets cold, everything… I mean EVERYTHING becomes an uphill battle. It’s not only that movement becomes restricted. It’s also the pain, and the obvious: you’re freezing. Cold to the core is the kind of chill that makes you wonder if you […] ... Read More

Win at Gift-Giving; Your 2018 Christmas Wish List Shopping Guide

This is the blog you need to send your whole family with a “hint-hint.”   When it comes to buying gifts during the holiday season, you cannot go wrong with workwear. Well, I suppose you could… You could buy factory seconds, discounted or otherwise illegitimate workwear masquerading as the real thing from the wrong store. […] ... Read More

Why Googling “Uniform Store Near Me” is the Worst Plan for New Nursing Uniforms (And What You Should Do Instead)

Call them scrubs or nursing uniforms, when it comes to replacing your soiled medical workwear, you usually need new ones pronto. I mean, who plans ahead for such things, amirite?? If your uniform selections are looking thin, and you just finished back-to-back shifts dumping emesis basins like you were bailing a doomed ship, soiling your […] ... Read More

Exactly Why You Need to Put Down That Designer Barn Coat

When it comes to buying outdoor gear, like coats and outerwear, there are two types of shoppers. One shops the pages of catalogs of brands like Land’s End, Eddie Bauer, and LL Bean. The other knows workwear brands will last longer, protect better, and often cost less than it’s fancier counterparts winter after winter. No […] ... Read More

Q&A: What Exactly is Microfiber Jacket Material Made of?

Even if you don’t pay attention to textiles, you’ve no doubt heard the buzzword microfiber in the last decade or two. Brands like King Louie and Union Line have capitalized on the success of these products. As a point of fact, the use of microfibers and the use of marketing these materials has been on […] ... Read More

Mechanic Coveralls; Everything Wrong With Your Garage Uniform

If you’re a mechanic, however long you’ve been wrenching, you’ve probably never put much thought into your work wear, especially if you’re a good mechanic. Who has time for that? There are never enough hours in the day for a decent mechanic. If “decent” describes you, there’s a parking lot full of hoods side-eying you […] ... Read More

Day Glow Showdown; The Best Hi Vis Rain Gear

  Unless you frequent nightclubs, reflective clothing has only one function in your life: stayin’ alive. That wasn’t a clever John Travolta reference. Call it high viz, hi vis or even day glow, it’s all the same bright yellow or orange clothing striped in reflective ribbons. Even if you suffer from Saturday night fever, you will […] ... Read More

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