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What Do Chefs Wear? Essential Kitchen Wear for Chefs  

Everyone knows the traditional image of the chef. Hunched over a steaming saucepan, tasting spoon in hand, wearing the iconic tall, white chef’s hat, crisp white tunic, checked trousers and comfortable shoes (essential when spending 12+ hours a day on your feet). But why exactly do chef’s wear white? And where did this familiar uniform […] ... Read More

The Role of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Workplace Safety  

Personal protective equipment, commonly known as PPE, is an essential barrier against accident prevention and a key promoter of safety in the workplace. Over the course of the 20th century, PPE moved from the personal choice of a few employees to become a cross-industry legal requirement in specific work environments, legislated by governmental bodies such […] ... Read More

What do HVAC Technicians Wear?

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, or HVAC technicians are the people that install, repair, and maintain systems that control and regulate the quality and temperature of air inside buildings. This often means working in commercial, professional, industrial, or residential properties and dealing with clients on a face-to-face basis, often during stressful times when […] ... Read More

The Complete Guide to Work Pants

Work pants are designed to provide the perfect balance between comfort and protection while carrying out jobs in the workplace. Ideally, they should offer some protection against injury and increase safety whilst you’re going about your daily work. But not all work pants are created equal. Work pants is an umbrella term and there’s a […] ... Read More

Spotlight on Tough Duck – Jackets, Vests, and Pants

We’re delighted to be able to offer a range of Tough Duck products, so we thought we’d take the chance to have a closer look at the brand and find out what makes Tough Duck tick, when and how it was founded, and where its goods are made. In addition, we’ll shine a light on […] ... Read More

Tools, Clothes, Accessories and More – The Best Christmas Gifts for Home Improvement Gurus

When it comes to the holiday season, choosing gifts for others can always be a challenge. You want to find the perfect fit for your family and friends that’s bound to bring a smile to their faces! However, when it comes to the DIYer in your family, there’s a whole world of useful and practical […] ... Read More

The Best Safety Shoes for Any Job – A Guide

Whether it’s a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes to offer support to your feet during a long shift or a pair of hard-wearing steel toed shoes to keep your feet safe on site, safety shoes are an essential part of any workplace PPE where there is an established risk to your feet. But while […] ... Read More

5 Autumn Essentials for Outdoor Working

As the nights draw in and the summer comes to a close, the days become noticeably shorter. This can mean several things. First, that it’s autumn once again. Second, that workers on outdoor sites are exposed to the greater risks that darker mornings and evenings bring. It also means that temperatures drop, and the cold […] ... Read More

The Best Gloves for Protection

Wearing heavy duty gloves in the middle of summer isn’t always easy. Thick, high-quality protective workwear can make you feel even hotter when working hard in warm weather. However, with gloves able to protect you from everything from thorns and sunburn to electric shocks and acid spills, wearing reliable, purpose made gloves, even in the […] ... Read More

What Do Truck Drivers Wear?

Starting a new truck driving career is always exciting. Many truckers enjoy the freedom of the open road and look forward to their long workdays. Because some long-distance truckers spend up to 14 hours driving at a time, what they wear is crucial. Before you start your first shift after earning your Commercial Driver’s License […] ... Read More

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