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The Great Tax Debate – Is Workwear Tax Deductible?

Although an essential part of managing your finances, filing a tax return can be complicated at the best of times. Tax rules are often hard to decipher and it’s not always obvious which deductions apply. Understanding which expenses are deductible and which aren’t can help you to save money and ensure you stay on the […] ... Read More

What is a Vertical Apparel Manufacturer?

For many US-based companies, employers and contractors, buying American made products is incredibly important. Not only are clothes made in the US of exceptionally high quality, purchasing American made goods helps to support US businesses and hard-working employees across the nation. American-based vertical clothing companies take things one step further. Instead of just manufacturing their […] ... Read More

10 Reasons Why Painters Always Wear White (Psst, It’s Not What You Think)

Attending a rock concert mandates wearing something black, a concert t-shirt or otherwise. Black is the unspoken color of rock n’ roll. Similarly, if it’s March 17, one wears green, even if she isn’t Irish. People wear red on Valentine’s Day, and team colors on game day. Colors convey feelings too. Not all police wear […] ... Read More

Brand Face Off – Carhartt vs. Walls Clothing

If you work outside in all weathers, you need workwear you can rely on. Having well made, durable and warm jackets, bibs, overalls and trousers will help to protect you from the elements and make it easier to get the job done. Two of the best known names in workwear are Carhartt and Walls. Both […] ... Read More

How to Remove Paint From Work Clothes

If you work with paint, or have to operate close to freshly painted surfaces, chances are that you’ll get splattered in the stuff sooner or later. And while some people don’t mind their workwear being covered in drops and drips, others like to keep their trousers, overalls and jackets in the best condition possible. If […] ... Read More

Best Rainwear for Working Outside

Working outside in autumn and winter often means wet, cold and difficult conditions. Wind, rain and low temperatures can make operating outdoors a challenge, especially if you need to be outside for long periods of time. The best way to protect yourself from the elements then is to invest in some top quality waterproof workwear […] ... Read More

What is ESD Clothing and How Does it Work?

In normal conditions, static electricity and electrostatic discharges (ESDs) aren’t anything to worry about. Children often play with static electricity, and ESDs, though a little painful, are generally not strong enough to cause any issues or injuries. However, static is a potential problem in some industries. From pharmaceutical through biotech and food processing to electronics, […] ... Read More

Clothing Care 101 – How to Remove Glue Stains from Work Clothes

Glue, especially the glue used in professional settings, is powerful stuff. Used to attach everything from wood and plastic to ceramic and fabric, glue is an incredibly useful tool. However, the same qualities that make glue an excellent adhesive make it tough to get out of clothes. Once soaked in and solidified, certain types of […] ... Read More

Clothing Care 101 – How to Remove Oil Stains from Work Clothes

We have all been there. That insanely annoying oil stain that just won’t get off your favorite pair of overalls. How to remove it? Surely many thoughts go through your head, imagining the worst, while you hopelessly rub it with a wet paper towel. A permanent dark blob clotting your fine working garments. Or the […] ... Read More

Focus on: Backpacker Apparel

Established in 1976, the Backpacker Apparel brand has many years of outdoor garment manufacturing experience, with a deep seated love for the great outdoors, family values, and in the production of ethical and efficient outerwear. Utilising the finest fabrics and yarns, they excel in their construction of clothing and accessories, with garments built to last […] ... Read More

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