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What Do Truck Drivers Wear?

Starting a new truck driving career is always exciting. Many truckers enjoy the freedom of the open road and look forward to their long workdays. Because some long-distance truckers spend up to 14 hours driving at a time, what they wear is crucial. Before you start your first shift after earning your Commercial Driver’s License […] ... Read More

How to Design a Uniform

A well-designed and well-made uniform can add real value to your business. Enhancing your brand image, giving your employees a sense of belonging and improving the customer experience, attractive, professional workwear could give your business a real boost. Your employees, and the uniforms they wear, are probably one of the most visually prominent features of […] ... Read More

How Does Moisture Wicking Clothing Work?

Summer has now officially kicked off across the country, with millions already seeing record temperatures and more extreme highs predicted in the coming weeks. While this heat might be good news for sun worshippers, it can make life extremely difficult – and extremely sweaty – for professionals who have to work hard throughout the summer […] ... Read More

Anti Static Workwear – What is it and Why is it Used?

Static electricity can cause a number of serious issues in the workplace. From damaging sensitive electrical components to causing full blow explosions, a buildup of static electricity can put employees, products, and equipment at risk. Electrostatic discharges (ESD) can vary in size from small, barely noticeable electric shocks, to lightning strikes. One of the main […] ... Read More

Spotlight on Charles River Apparel – Jackets, Fleeces and Sweats 

Who is Charles River Apparel?  In 1983, Charles River Apparel was born. They began with the production of their signature New England Rain Jacket, and since then have become well known as a brand who produce high-quality, American made, comfortable and practical clothing. For that very reason, Charles River Apparel acts as a cornerstone for […] ... Read More

What Should be Included in a Proper Housekeeping Uniform?

Good housekeeping uniforms will help to keep your hardworking team smart, comfortable and protected when they’re on the job. Here, we take a look at some of the most important elements of a proper housekeeping uniform. Housekeepers are an integral part of any hotel, motel or guesthouse. Ensuring rooms are clean, tidy and welcoming, housekeeping […] ... Read More

Embroidery vs Screen Print – What’s the Best Choice for Your Uniforms? 

No matter what type of company you own or work for, branded workwear has a range of benefits. It’s a fantastic way to spread brand awareness, as your employees automatically become walking advertisements; not only do they demonstrate that your company exists, but they offer people the reassuring image of your company out and about, […] ... Read More

Spotlight on OGIO — Jackets, Sweats, and Shirts

We’re excited to announce that we are now offering a range of clothing by the famous outdoors brand OGIO. Having worked for over 30 years to develop a range of sports goods and clothing which prioritizes versatility and technological supremacy, OGIO is a brand which can cater to a wide range of needs. Designed to […] ... Read More

Walls vs Dickies Bib Overalls 

When it comes to American workwear, there are two titans who tower above the competition. These are Walls and Dickies. Even for those who are unfamiliar with workwear, these names likely need little introduction, and with over 180 years of combined experience producing rugged, high-quality clothing, they are undisputed masters in the field.  With their […] ... Read More

Big Smith — A History of High Quality Workwear

Big Smith Overalls probably need no introduction. Like the clothing the company produces, Big Smith is a brand which has proven durable; able to last the test of time, and a reliable source of high-quality protection. For over 100 years, Big Smith has supported painters and farmers, builders and carpenters, mechanics and technicians, alongside workers […] ... Read More

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