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What is Cotton Duck? And Why Should I Care?

The heavyweight of workwear fabrics ‘Cotton Duck’ has been used for centuries in some of the toughest environments on the planet. The heavy, plain woven cotton fabric also simply referred to as Duck, or sometimes Duck Cloth sadly has nothing to do with waterfowl or their feathers and instead takes its name from the Dutch […] ... Read More

Edwards — Keeping American Workers Clothed for 150 Years

When it comes to clothing America’s workforce there aren’t many bigger names in the business than Edwards. As a career and uniform apparel specialist they have established themselves as the first-choice for many American companies looking to bring their brands to life by sending their people to work looking great and feeling engaged. From their […] ... Read More

A Brief History of the Humble Hoodie

Few items of clothing have had as remarkable a history as that of the hooded sweatshirt. From its origins in Medieval Europe to its universal presence today, the humble hoodie has become both a style icon and an essential piece of workwear. Looking back at the evolution of the hoodie – with its roots in […] ... Read More

Out of the Frying Pan – The Best Flame Resistant Clothing

The history of flame resistant clothing goes back a long way. In fact, it has been almost 200 years since French chemist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac first discovered that ammonium phosphates and borax were capable of making textiles relatively flame retardant in 1821. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that we first saw widespread adoption of […] ... Read More

The Best Women’s Work Overalls for Any Profession

In many industries and professions, a significant difference exists between the number of female and male workers employed in certain roles. Whereas in some sectors the force may be predominantly female, in construction, plumbing and painting, to name but a few, the gender imbalance is stark. Sadly, this means that many women struggle to find […] ... Read More

Cooking Ridiculous! Why Traditional Chefs Hats Grew So Tall

Everyone remembers the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show right? That broad ginger mustache and overgrown monobrow. That pink, bulbous nose and even pinker bowtie? That ridiculous floppy white hat that always got in the way and obscured his already compromised vision. Well, while the chefs of the world might not have always identified with […] ... Read More

American Made Workwear – An Eco-Alternative

For anyone interested in sustainable workwear that minimizes its impact on the environment and doesn’t employ slave labor in the manufacturing process, then you might be tempted to search out bio-cotton bib overalls and fair-trade coveralls, for example. However, there’s a phrase that keeps popping up in the textiles and clothing industry that might make […] ... Read More

Red Kap vs Dickies – Brand Face-Off

Who doesn’t love a good face-off? And if you’ve kept up with our thrilling clothing comparisons over the years then you’ll already know that there’s plenty of great and worthy challengers out there for the crown of “best workwear brand”. Need high-quality clothing for your job but you don’t want to spend hours searching for […] ... Read More

A Nice Day for a Hi-Viz Wedding – A History of High Visibility Clothing

Heinz Ketchup, wedding dresses, and a dash of magic—welcome to the strange and heartwarming tale of how high visibility clothing came to be. Bob Switzer is a quasi-legendary figure in the world of Hi-Viz, but his wife, Patricia, also plays her part, and his brother too was an integral figure. There’s tragic lows and Day-Glo […] ... Read More

A Brief History of Camouflage Clothing

Ever since Aristotle wrote about how the octopus “seeks its prey by so changing its color as to render it like the color of the stones adjacent to it”, humans have seen the potential of camouflage as a method of concealment. In fact, both the Greeks and the Romans are thought to have camouflaged their […] ... Read More

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