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Be a pioneer! As early settlers, we relied heavily upon one another for progress. We worked side by side, traded and bartered, and ultimately thrived into the nation we have become today. However, it appears as if we  have lost our roots. By importing most of our goods from foreign countries, we can no longer support the American family. There is a direct cause and effect when you purchase USA made clothing. An increase in the demand for American made clothing causes essential growth. Not only are jobs created, but we can see an increase in the average American salary working in that industry. Not to mention, USA made quality doesn't always come with the price tag.

Our USA made clothing line is ever growing. For every imported garment we offer, we hope to offer the USA made equivalent. Wave your flag by wearing made in America clothing and continue to grow with us. 

Our current American made clothes include: shirts, t-shirts, shorts, pants, jeans, bib overalls, coveralls, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, headwear, and even socks. We also offer American made clothing that is flame resistant and ANSI classifed high visibility apparel.

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