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Edward's Junior Cord and Pincord Housekeeping collection - the classic cord housekeeping uniform. This timeless appearance is still preferred by most housekeeping professionals in the industry. The classic cord fabric is easily recognizable by guests - giving a professional presence and reassurance that their environment is clean and well kept. This type of housekeeping uniform has been made the industry standard over the last century for good reason. The 75% polyester that makes up the fabric is soil release, wrinkle, fade, and stain resistant. The added 25% cotton allows the body to breath and adds comfort to the wearer. The cord weave has a soft touch and feel and the ridges within the fabric allows for better air circulation.

Edward's Junior Cord and Pincord housekeeping line includes housekeeping tunics for the ladies that have both a hidden placket option, as well as the ageless double breasted button tunic styling. In addition to the tunics, the traditional housekeeping dress with a complimentary tea apron are offered within this line. Men's housekeeping service shirts are also available.

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