Build a Uniform Workshop - Housekeeping Clothing Collections

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Housekeeping uniforms broken down by collection. Each with their coordinating housekeeping tunics, service shirts, and pants - with some collections including full length housekeeping dresses as well as housekeeping aprons. Offering both women's and men's housekeeping clothing options, you'll be able to present your staff as a fully forced and operational professional cleaning service.

Whether you're a private in-home cleaning service, local motel, or fully forced corporate hotel - the importance of presenting your housekeeping staff as professional sanitation employees is paramount. When outfitted in coordinating housekeeping uniforms, it provides an image and sends a message of reassurance to your guests that your establishment has a high level of integrity. Without this standard set, your staff may be mis-matched and uncoordinated. The lack of a dress code can portray a sense of inadequate cleanliness. Having a housekeeping uniform program also allows your guests to identify your housekeeping staff - whether they need access to turn down a room or if a guest needs to flag someone down for an extra pillow, you can rest assure that your staff is well pronounced.

Being ever present in the eyes of your guests also presents an opportunity for branding. Create your own custom look by adding your logo and even stock lettering for individual's names. Pick your your housekeeping clothes and select the method of decoration below to request a quote online today!

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