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"Cotton is king." Need a uniform that will allow your body to breathe? Need a first line of defense against flying hot metal? Cotton has got you covered. Cotton work clothes are generally paired with electricians and welders. As the working conditions are often hot and involve flying sparks or arc flashes. Although cotton work clothes are not technically flame resistant, it does not contain any polyester that could melt from heat and damage the wearer's skin. Welder's and electricians aside, many companies are trading in their old polyester blend uniforms for 100% cotton work clothing. Cotton being a natural fiber, it is super soft and pliable. Cotton fiber is also patricularly strong, especially when wet. So multiple washes won't wear down the integrity of your work clothes. Most people stay away from cotton, because it is synonymous with wrinkling and shrinking. But with the technology within textiles today has created stronger weaves, two ply fabrics, and wrinkle resistant finishes. This category features two of the leading industrial workwear brands, Red Kap and Dickies. Offering cotton work shirts, work pants, shorts, and coveralls.

Buy your cotton work clothes blank - or brand your image by adding your logo or stock lettering for individual's names. Pick out your cotton work uniform and choose the method of decoration below to request a quote online today!

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