Build a Uniform Workshop - Fashion Seal 100% Cotton Scrubs

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Fashion Seal's 100% cotton scrubs. 100% cotton scrubs hold many benefits compared to other blends of scrubs. 100% cotton being an all natural fiber, it is inherently soft and gentle against the skin. Some practices and hospitals keep 100% cotton scrubs on hand in the event an individual might be allergic or have skin irritation with polyester scrubs. 100% cotton material is also a great solution for cleanroom environment where static electricity is a concern. Contrary to popular belief, 100% cotton scrubs are industrial-laundry friendly. The featured scrubs are reversible.

Need your name, credentials, and department embroidered on your scrubs? We waived our 6 piece minimum for stock lettering for nurses and doctors! So whether you need a single scrub top or need to outfit your entire practice, we are able to accomodate. Also brand your scrubs with your company logo. Settle on a set of nursing scrubs and choose your method of decoration below to request a quote online today!

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