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Edward's Premier Housekeeping collection - crisp, clean, and cling free. Constructed of a 100% polyester performance twill weave. The twill weave used creates an inherent heathered appearance with a progression of thread interlacing to the right and left forming distinct diagonol lines. Although it does provide an aesthetically pleasing appeareance, it does also serve many other purposes. Soiling and stains are less noticeable on the uneven surface of twills used in the Edward's Premier Housekeeping line. The fewer interlacings in twills move more freely, making it a softer and more pliable than other fabrics. Twills also recover from creasing better than plain-weave fabric. The fabric used in Edward's Premier Housekeeping clothes are more durable, and also air and water resistant. It is also shrink, wrinkle, and fade resistant. Along with being anti-pill.

Edward's Premier Housekeeping clothing line includes function with style. With contrasting collars and side panels on the women's housekeeping tunic. And contrast side panels as well as pocket piping detail on the men's housekeeping service shirt. Both the men's and women's housekeeping shirts have hidden plackets, preventing any snagging when working in tight corners and with sheeting. Edward's Premier Housekeeping clothes prove that your staff won't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Want to add customization to your housekeeping clothes? Pick out your set of Premier housekeeping clothes, select the method of decoration below, and request a quote online today!

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