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Bulwark's iQ Series. A new line of FR garments designed with comfort and style in mind. Whereas traditional flame resistant clothing is heavy, rugged, and rigid. Bulwark manufactured the iQ Series with a few key points in mind: breathability, mobility, style, and strength.

The iQ Series weighs less than any flame resistant clothes in their class. The fabric used maximizes airflow through the garment. All while wicking mositure away to keep you dry.

The fabric designed for the iQ Series is made for mobility-- with flexable fabric and built-in mobility panels. These shirts stay tucked in and the cuffs keep the sleeve in place when reaching. The fabric features a state-of-the-art Dual Duty FR fabric for enhanced durability/industrial wash. All pieced together with triple-needle stiching in areas where you need an extra level of reinforcement.

The iQ series was styled for functionality, with features for better tool, phone, and pencil storage. The contrast thread color finishes off the look for a contemporary, modern appearance. The IQ Series also includes women's garments designed with feminine styling and shaping.

The IQ Series has expanded its line to include stylish flame resistant t-shirts, henleys, button-up shirts, pants, coveralls, and clothing with added high visibility.

Buy the iQ Series blank - or custom decorate them for your crew. Embroider your companies logo and add stock lettering for each individual's names! Settle on a set of flame resistant IQ Series clothes and click to request a quote online below!

Double check with your jobsite or employer for the appropriate flame resistant hazard risk category requirements. Refer to the table below for hazard risk category levels:

Hazard Risk Category Level Clothing Description Layer Requirements Minimum Arc Rating of PPE (cal/cm²)
HRC 0 Long Sleeve Shirt & Pants Hearing Protection Safety Glasses or Goggles 1 Layer 0
HRC 1 Arc Rated FR Shirt & FR Pants or FR Coverall 1 Layer of PPE 4
HRC 2 Arc Rated FR Shirt & FR Pants or FR Coverall 1 or 2 Layers of PPE 8
HRC 3 Arc Rated FR Shirt & FR Pants or FR Coverall; & Arc Flash Suit that Meets Minimum Arc Rating 2 or 3 Layers of PPE 25
HRC 4 Arc Rated FR Shirt and FR Pants or FR Coverall; & Arc Flash Suit that Meets Minimum Arc Rating 3 or 4 Layers of PPE 40
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