Red Kap Oilblok Woven Work Uniforms

Introducting Red Kap's latest and greatest, the Performance Plus Shop Shirt with Oil BLOK Technology. Red Kap took a standard shop shirt and deconstructed every seam and layer of fabric. The Red Kap Oil BLOK first features a rip stop fabric with Oil BLOK technology, that literally has the most viscous and stain prone fluids flowing off the shirt. They added flex stretch mesh pannels on each side for ease of movement. ZeroSkratch six gripper front so you can slide across your workspace without damaging vulnerable finishes. And finally a mesh-lined collar because.. it looks cool.

Get your Red Kap Oil BLOK shirt blank - or create your own custom work shirt. Pick out the style, color, and sizes-- and add your company logo and/or individual's names with stock lettering. Click the method of decoration below and request a quote online today!

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