Union Line; 100% American Made Workwear Since 1907

What’s obvious to those of who’ve spent decades in this business — putting quality workwear on hardworking Americans — but may not be so obvious to consumers is…

Wait for it…

… The manufacturing of products for the workwear industry has largely moved overseas.

There. We said it. No taking it back now.

Oh, brands still have offices Stateside. Some even retain parts of their manufacturing at home.

But, for consumers who prefer to shop for clothing that is strictly American made, from design to execution, it has become increasingly difficult.

It’s nearly impossible to find comfortable workwear that you can trust, that was manufactured in the United States, and doesn’t cost two months pay.

It’s not only the new workwear brands either. Even popular brands like Carhartt, and Dickies, outsource their labor, either in part or whole.

One brand, however, has been made in the United States every day since the day they opened their doors. They make a great product, one that’s been tested in the field for over a hundred years is comfortable, and is 100% American made.

What’s more, this brand can cover you from head to toe in American made goodness, even cover you up on Netflix days. That brand, Union Line, makes polar fleece blankets because why the heck not?

Quick disclosure: Without getting too bogged down in definitions, some of the textiles used by Union Line are not American made. That is a normal and necessary part of manufacturing these days. They simply cannot find what they’re looking for in American made textiles, but Union Line does try to shop the American brands first.

Union Line’s Backstory

If you’re 111 years old, you’ve not missed a day of Union Line’s existence. You’ve also witnessed the birth of the automobile, the nuclear bomb, smartphones, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

You’ve also lived through what historians call the de-industrialization of America; tens of thousands of companies shipping their jobs overseas.

Don’t worry. We’re not gonna wade too deep into these waters, debating if it’s right or wrong; just the facts, man.

No doubt, it’s been one heckuva century-plus-eleven for you and Union Line clothing. There have been way more innovations than we have time to mention, but most of those products are now made internationally.

Yup, even Krispy Kreme has branches on foreign soil. Union Line, however, is made the same way it was made back in 1907, by REAL union members, and still in the United States.

And, like their fellow made in the USA brands, Union Line has continued to innovate with the passing of time.

People change. Technologies improve. They’re no dummies.

Today’s products from Union Line feature state-of-the-art textiles, like flame resistant workwear that takes punishment up to 70E requirements for arc flash.

They make waterproof workwear, polar fleece jackets, and yes they make blankets. Not only all that, but all these comfy clothes comes with only a slight markup from the other companies.

Union Line covers your American basics

If you only need something simple for your job or prefer to wear jeans and t-shirts all the time, Union Line is the American brand you seek.

For folks who work behind closed doors, away from the public, the trick is to find clothes that fit comfortably at work but also look normal in a happy hour setting.

Some would call them normal people clothes.

The great thing about Union Line is you’ll not find skinny jeans or boot cut anything. They produce classic cuts, regardless of the fashion trends, clothes that fit right for years.

A simple solution for jeans is their basic denim jeans, about $46 as of this writing. With Union Line, you can order them to your exact waist and inseam.

When you order you Union Line jeans through us, there’s no digging through clothing racks for the right pair.

You order them from where you’re sitting right now. They arrive at that same spot if you wish, no tailoring, no check out lines, no screaming parents or kids.

If you really want to slide into something comfortable, they also make a relaxed fit pair of jeans that are like wearing pajamas all day. Well, not exactly pajamas, but you get the idea.

Throw own a t-shirt, plain or pocket, and you’re ready to fit in with hard-working Americans everywhere.

We invented the jeans and t-shirt look. (Not All Seasons, Americans.)

Union Line covers Mechanics and Hunters


The key to being a mechanic this time of year is staying warm when you need to, then not getting too warm when you don’t.

We covered it in more detail in this blog: Mechanic Coveralls; Everything Wrong With Your Garage Uniform.

Hunters and outdoors types just need to get warm and stay warm, at least for a couple more months because we all know that darn groundhog is always wrong.

The best way to get and stay warm is to have just enough coverage, without overdoing it. Work up a good sweat and you’ll get chilly.

Your cold weather clothes have to wick off that moisture, keeping in the heat, and if they can also keep the moisture from getting in that helps too.

Cue: Union Line’s heavyweight duck coveralls.

We’re talking 12 full ounce es of cotton duck, fully pocketed, reinforced like a submarine, and designed for easy in, easy out. These may be the last coveralls you ever buy, which isn’t bad for $163.05 (as of this writing).

If you have a great coat and just need bibs, they make the same product without sleeves. Their overalls are about $40 less so perfect if you’re don’t need the whole shebang.

Union Line covers the union line

The actual union line is where the brand Union Line really shines. Starting at the bottom, other than the aforementioned jeans, they offer two types of slacks, their casual trousers, and their twill work pants.

Both are blends, but the work pants offer a little more comfort with a little more cotton in the blend.

If your work has you working with food and staining products, you might prefer the trouser, which also stretches and therefore moves more.

There are too many buttoned shirt options to cover here, but Union Line has everything from casual golf shirts to full-length buttoned shirts. Most of their shirts are denim, but they have options for supervisors too. 

Union Line keeps you warm

The great thing about working today’s union jobs, at least the ones inside a factory, is that you can dress pretty casual. Jeans are normal. So are t-shirts, but so is climate controls. 

Factory workers in 1907 didn’t enjoy air-conditioning. Some places today, the air-conditioning is cranked so high workers get chilly.

That’s where Union Line’s henleys and hoodies come to the rescue. If there were any other clothing, besides the jeans and t-shirt that says America so clearly, it’s the henley and the hoodie.

Full-zip or pullover, Union Line’s got you covered in the hoodie department. If that’s too much layering for you, a pocketless henley will do the trick. They have pocketed versions too.

And last, but certainly not least if you work in the polar vortex zone, is Union Line’s robust selection of jackets and coats.

You’ll pay the same as the popular brands, but get more American grit, and the pride of wearing clothing that supports your position on American made. 

Expect that your order of Union Line clothing might not be ready at the time of order so if your thinking about going this route, don’t hesitate.

We keep as much of their product in stock as we can in our warehouse, but some sizes and models we have to order. We’re happy to do it.

The good news is you’ll know that they made that article of clothing just for you. It will be made by union employees grinding it out the same as you, walking home on the same soil; America. 

Oh yeah… Still wondering about that blanket mentioned in the beginning? It’s right here.

Check out Union Line now

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