4 Benefits of Branded Workwear for Small Businesses and Contractors

For small businesses and contractors, making a little extra effort with branding can reap huge rewards. Whether it’s your company name and contact details emblazoned across your truck or simply a memorable logo on a businesses card, getting your brand out there can help generate new business and reinforce trust with existing clients.

However, while coming up with a fancy logo and color scheme for your website, flyers, or other advertising materials is a great place to start, there’s one avenue that’s not explored nearly enough—branded workwear. The thing is, it’s now cheaper and easier to do than ever before, and this cost-effective investment is likely to do wonders for your company.

So, if personalized workwear packages and printed clothing haven’t yet crossed your mind, here we break down the top four benefits of diving into the world of branded uniforms. Read on and discover how to push your company to the next level with All Seasons Uniforms.

Spread Brand Awareness (and free advertising)

Just like a business card or you’re liberally decorated company truck, branded workwear and clothing can help you spread brand awareness. Adding your logo and company colors to your employees’ everyday wear means that wherever they work, they will instantly be associated with your company. It can be something as simple as your company name on a lapel, or a full-on

This can also act as a form of free advertising. Particularly for contractors working on site, other contractors and site managers will come to recognize your employees, and effective branding on your uniforms will allow them to recall your excellent work the next time they need a plumber, electrician, brickie, or whatever role your company specializes in.

Boost Productivity and a Sense of Ownership

Providing your employees with a sense of ownership is a key part of keeping them engaged on the job. Consistently producing good work requires much more than experience and skill alone, and ensuring your employees take pride in what they do will go a long way towards achieving this. Branded uniform and workwear are a great way to encourage this kind of attitude, helping to boost productivity and align your company ethos with their everyday tasks.

In turn, this is likely to boost productivity, giving your employees increased satisfaction while working. As a business owner or contractor, printed workwear t-shirts are the ideal place to start, however, there’s a whole host of different branded workwear online that can help you build a full uniform that’s ready for any weather in any setting.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships and Trust

Building trust with customers and clients should always be a priority for small businesses and contractors. After all, much of your work comes from previous clients or through word of mouth, so fostering excellent working relationships is your bread and butter. Branded workwear is one way to do this, and ensuring your employees are always recognizable in your uniform helps customers and clients to place increased trust in your company.

Particularly in the case of contractors working on homes or on other personal projects, a branded workwear uniform can go a long way. Older customers will certainly appreciate a friendly face at the door wearing clothing that aligns with the company they engaged to do the job. After all, anyone wearing unbranded clothing could just as well be a stranger, and the more vulnerable members of society are likely to be instantly suspicious—not the kind of reaction you want for your business.

Support Health and Safety Measures

In the even of an accident on site, being able to account for all of your workers is extremely important. Branded workwear and uniforms allow you to do this quickly and easily, especially when you have multiple staff members working on different jobs in different parts of the construction site.

Additionally, the huge range of available branded workwear online means you can kit out your employees with all of the required health & safety gear and still reap the benefits of our previous points. Whether it’s a personalized hi-vis jacket or branded hard hat, giving your employees the equipment they need to stay safe of on the job is always a good idea!

All Seasons Uniforms has a huge range of different types of clothing for contractors, with plenty of personalization options so that you can brand your workwear and take advantage of a cost-effective way to boost your business. Including direct embroidery, custom emblems, and screen-printing services, check out our range today or contact us to discuss your options.

About the Author

Nick Warrick is the Sales Manager at All Seasons Uniforms. With over 15 years of experience in the work uniform business, he has worked with hundreds of clients across 20 different industries. Holding bachelor’s degrees in both Business Administration and Information Technology, Nick revamped the company’s online presence, offering its customers a new uniform shopping experience.

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