Our Complete List of the Best Scrubs for Every Situation


Someone once asked, are scrubs comfortable? That’s a little like asking if puppies are cute.

Um… yeah?

There are many options for scrubs, but we recommend and carry two brands, Landau and Fashion Seal. In our years of experience, these are the brands which hold up the best over time. They offer the most value for your investment.

When it comes to workwear, specifically scrubs workwear, a better question is which are the best scrubs for each situation?

Body types are all over the map. Some like their clothes tight, some loose. What works for men, doesn’t necessarily work for women. The key is knowing what you tend to prefer and pairing that information with what tends to serve those needs for the most people.

This is the work I’ve done for you. I compiled all of our data on scrubs to put together this comprehensive list of best options for any situation. Since ladies have the most options, we’ll start with the men.

What are the best scrubs for men?


As with the whole category of medical workwear, Men’s scrubs have come a long way in the last decade. Today’s professionals have way more options than the men who came before them, which makes choosing the right scrubs even that more challenging.

The last thing you want to do is see someone else wearing the scrubs you should have bought because they look that much more comfortable. You have to spend many hours in this workwear. Shop wisely.

Best men’s scrubs for versatility

It is the simplicity of the scrubs which makes them so comfortable. Fashion Seal’s Reversible Scrub Shirt offers the bonus revealed in the name. They’re reversible!

Both sides of the shirt even have a left-side breast pocket. You can complete your uniform with Fashion Seal’s reversible drawcord pants.

Designed in a classic fit, they offer the same blend of cotton and polyester, with a right rear pocket on both sides.

Best scrubs for a loose fit on men

Just say it out loud, “poplin.” According to Wikipedia, it’s “a strong fabric in a strong weave of any fiber or blend,” but medical professionals know it as a blend of cotton and polyester.

Like any blend, poplin borrows the best of both fibers to make an ideal product.

For example, in the case of Landau Unisex Poplin Scrub Top, you get a scrub top that will take a hard day of work, but stay comfortable until the last round. Like the Fashion Seal top mentioned in the last section, this one is reversible.

The relaxed-fit pants from Landau that go with this top are the same awesome blend. Even better, they come in three lengths so you can order them to fit your legs perfectly.

Best scrubs for comfort & form for men

For comfort, you want more cotton in the blend pot your poplin. For that matter, the Landau Men’s Pre-Washed V-Neck Tunic comes with 53 percent cotton, giving it the ideal broken-in look and feel.

The cut is not so loose to as make you feel like you’ve got wings, but not so tight you can’t breathe. 

No surprise, it pairs best with Landau’s pre-washed scrub pants, designed to create the same feeling of broken-in, but for the legs.

The knees of these pants have darts, allowing them to flex more readily. As an added bonus, the pants offer a cargo pocket for stashing small items while on the go.

The pair together gives you seven total pockets! That’s more than enough space to stash everything the modern hero needs.

Best utility scrubs for men

In many ways, the Landau ripstop scrub top is both the most utilitarian and the most comfortable top for men.

It offers the highest amount of natural fiber in a typical scrubs blend, 84 percent cotton. The rest of the blend is a polyester spandex stretch material, designed to prevent ripping.

This top not only has a breast pocket designed to keep your pens from falling out, and vented sides, but there’s also a loop in the back to hang it after your shift.

What are the best scrubs for women?


Women have a few more options than men in most apparel, but so often the fit of women’s scrubs miss the mark. They’re either too wide, too tight or too short.

When shopping for your ideal scrubs, consider the following parameters and suggestions to make sure you get the right scrubs for your needs.

Best loose fit scrubs for women

Available in endless color options, the Landau snap from v-neck takes second place for utility, but we’ll come back to that category in a minute. It comes in first for loose-fitting scrub tops.

This design offers easy in and out with a snap up front, a comfortable relaxed fit in a v-neck design. This top comes equipped to hold a bunch of gear, scissors, pads, and pens, but it’s also not too tight to move around in.

Just in case, it comes with side vents to wick away heat and moisture. It’s the perfect loose-fit scrub top.

The natural fit scrub pant from Landau pairs well to make a loose-but-not-too-loose combination of scrubs that you can wear all day long in comfort.

Best fitted scrubs for women

Not every woman feels most comfortable in loose-fitting scrubs. For some people, a more fitted cut is the ticket to Comfytown.

If that’s you, you’re the sort of woman who will prefer Landau’s classic cut tapered scrub pant. They still offer an elastic waistband, but the legs of the pant ride closer to the body.

To give them a more tailored look, Landau stitched a crease on each leg.

They’re no slouch for durability either. Landau reinforced the pockets so you have one less thing to worry about during your shift.

Available in several inseams, you can fit them to match your ideal height and feel comfortable until it’s quitting time.

In this case, the Fashion Seal v-neck yoke tunic makes a nice compliment in fit, but you might not want to color-match as they are different manufacturers.

Best utility scrubs for women

While cargo shorts might be the apparel non grata of men’s fashion, in workwear, cargo pockets are still valuable.

Fashion Seal’s simply soft cargo pant gives women a comfortable yet fitted way to stash small items, like a cell phone, and still complete their rounds.

The match for these pants are Fashion Seal’s line of simply soft tunics, but their double v-neck tunic comes with more pockets. If utility is the goal, pockets are the best strategy.

Best scrubs in a dress-style

It is, perhaps, the most venerable design in scrubs wear, worn by nurses in the former tradition of the profession for women: the dress.

While the dress has taken a backseat to more contemporary outfits, there are some who prefer this classic look. Fashion seal kept everything that was good about the timeless fashion, updating it for the modern era in the step-in scrub dress. 

Yes, it’s poplin, and yes you can really step into it.

The dress closes in the back with snaps and tightens at the waist for the ideal fit. Fashion Seal was kind enough to set the sleeves in for less bulk so you can wear this dress in total comfort all shift long.

Best maternity scrubs

When it comes to maternity scrubs, your main concern is how to accommodate the growing baby. Pants, bottoms, generally fit the same for the whole nine months.

If they do get a little stretched, Fashion Seal’s maternity tunic does a good job of covering the body low enough to keep a working mother feel comfortable.

It’s a 35 percent blend of cotton with 65 percent polyester, vented on the sides, and as adjustable as Mom’s needs.

What are the best unisex scrub options?


In fairness, many of the options above come in male and female versions. But, only the following options do the job for men and women equally well.

Best unisex warm-up scrub tops

There are many long sleeve scrub tops sold as “warm-up,” but none will actually warm you up as well as Fashion Seal’s knit collar version.

Not only does this classic-fit top snap all the way up, it offers a knit collar where the fabric touches your neck.

This keeps the contact against your neck comfortable, even when you sweat. It also helps keep out freezing cold ER temps. The sleeve cuffs too, cinch closed to keep out cold environments.

Other than the knitted neckline, what I also like about this warm-up is the large, lower front pockets. There’s a pocket for scissors on the right, and you can stuff these things with more than you should.

Got an oversized smartphone? No problem. It’ll fit!

Best unisex scrub coverall

There are times when nothing else will do the job better than a coverall scrub, like the one designed by Fashion Seal.

While it might not win any awards on the runway, who cares? Comfortable protection is the goal.

Fashion Seal designed this coverall to be loose, accommodating many body types. It will protect you and your undergarments from the rigors of medical labor.

It’s an easy step in, fast, and without struggling. Not only does it snap closed, the cuffs at the ankles and wrists stay tight too.

It may surprise you how comfortable this unique scrub design is. If folks wouldn’t stare, you might prefer to wear this out of the house even on your off day.

There you have it. The blog is over so if you missed you ideal scrubs description, you’d better call us to let us help you.

We’ve put thousands of scrubs on professionals in our three decades in the workwear business. We can definitely help you find the best option for you.

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