What to Wear if You Work in a Freezer – The All Seasons Uniforms Guide

At this time of year, everyone’s thoughts are on Spring. As the darkest winter months give way to better weather, even the smallest rays of sunshine are enough to make workers think about putting away their winter coats for good. However, while your warming yourself with those idyllic daydreams, spare a thought for the freezer workers of the world, who literally never get to feel the sweet relief of Spring—at least while they’re at work.

That’s right, freezer work can be particularly challenging at any time of the year, and even when it’s 100 degrees outside, thermal layers and the right kind of equipment are extremely important. However, if you’re just starting out in a new position, or you’re simply after some new gear, researching what to wear when you work in a freezer can be a bit of a minefield.

Put simply, there’s plenty of choice out there for anyone looking to buy new clothing or equipment. So, to help you answer the question of what to wear when working in a freezer warehouse or any other cold environment, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out. Read on and discover exactly what you need to stay warm in the coldest conditions while at work.

What to Wear if You Work in a Freezer – Layering is Key

It doesn’t matter whether you’re asking about thermal jackets or about what socks to wear when working in a freezer—the answer is always to layer up. You’re going to need multiple layers to keep your body operating at the optimal temperature, otherwise you’ll very quickly become tired and sick. After all, you are going to be spending prolonged periods in the cold, and even if the temperature is above freezing, your body will thank you for staying wrapped up.

Here then, are the items of clothing you’ll need to invest in when considering what to wear if you work in a freezer.

Freezer Headwear

Keeping your head warm is all important. Whether it’s a hooded jacket or a separate hat, you will definitely want some quality headwear when working in freezing conditions. Choosing the ideal hat for your job will depend on visibility requirements. A simple beanie is perfect for workers who require extra visibility; however, a high-viz hood may offer slightly more protection from the cold.

Freezer Bottom and Top Layers

Cold-store pants and dungarees are a great choice when considering what to wear in freezer warehouses. They offer plenty of thermal insulation and can easily be stepped out of when transitioning to warmer environments. On top, a heavy-duty freezer jacket or parka is also ideal, again, allowing you to strip when required but stay cozy warm when in the freezer.

Freezer Accessories

Gloves are certainly a must-have when it comes to accessories, and depending on the type of application, a scarf may also be useful. For the coldest environments a quilted vest can also be extremely useful, giving you an extra layer of warmth underneath your jacket or parka.

Why Wear Freezer Suits?

Freezer suits are another great option when it comes to keeping warm in sub-zero environments. Offering full coverage of your body with the highest levels of thermal protection, freezer suits usually also come with detachable hoods and sometimes knee patches for protection while working on the floor. Additional accessories can also be purchased to complement a freezer suit to ensure you are cozy and warm in even the coldest conditions.

What to Wear in a Freezer Warehouse – Conclusion

When answering the question of what to wear in a freezer warehouse, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Purchasing multiple layers that can be mixed-and-matched to your specific working environment is a good way to go, but a freezer suit is also extremely useful. In the end, it’s probably a good idea to have a wardrobe including multiple freezer wear items that you can use, so check out the range of freezer suits and layered items on our website and get kitted out for the coldest conditions!  

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